IDEA Discipline Compliance Tool

The IDEA discipline compliance tool is designed to help you understand how IDEA's discipline rules apply to specific situations. You provide the situation, and the tool tells you what rules apply and what must, may, and may not be done. It has 6 stages. Just select a stage, click the button, and answer each question YES or NO.

- is the child eligible for IDEA discipline protections?

- What discipline options are ok for this conduct?

- Is it a long term or short term removal?

- Is the behavior a manifestation?

- Does the team need to consider using PBIS?

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The tool currently only includes the federal requirements. Federal requirements apply in all states and states may add on (but not subtract) from the Federal laws. The tool doesn't currently incorporate court decisions or other authoritative interpretation of the law that can clarify issues not explicitly clear from the statute or regulations alone.

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