The behavior was a manifestation of the child's disability [1415(k)(1)(E)(ii)].

So, the following actions must be taken [1415(k)(1)(F)]:
  • The school must return the child to his or her usual placement, unless the parent and the school agree otherwise.
  • The school must conduct a functional behavior assessment (FBA), unless already conducted.
  • The IEP team must meet to review and modify the child's behavior intervention plan (BIP) to address the behavior.
When addressing problem behavior, IDEA sometimes requires the IEP team to consider using positive behavior interventions and supports (PBIS).  To determine whether this rule applies to your situation . . .

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The tool currently only includes the federal requirements. Federal requirements apply in all states and states may add on (but not subtract) from the Federal laws. The tool doesn't currently incorporate court decisions or other authoritative interpretation of the law that can clarify issues not explicitly clear from the statute or regulations alone.

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